My socialite! Miss Ginger

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My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by scrapy1967 »

Miss Ginger loves my iPad and at three months started playing on it. One day I left it on Facebook and when I came back I saw her messing with it and took the cutest pics. Later that day I saw where I’d sent a friend a wave hi. Haha it wasn’t me it was Ginger. I saw this toy on barkbox and had to get it for her. As you can see she loves it. She also won’t let the  other two on. She’s having zoomies with her homies! Image
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Re: My socialite!

Post by GinniG »

OMG that's toooooooo FUNNY!!!!!  And so CUTE!  At least she didn't have to worry about HER social media sites not working today.  :)  You HAVE to scrap this story!  :)  Thanks for sharing!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by VickiR »

Oh, that is so awesome!  She is adorable.  Amazing!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by blbabe1234 »

This is so stinkin' cute!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by scrappinmom99 »

Oh that is too funny! What a personality she is! That toy is absolutely adorable and hysterical! You have GOT to scrap this!
Happy Scrapping!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by suewho372 »

That has me cracking up!!!! Talk about these kids and their technology- our fur babies are almost caught up !!!
I agree you MUST scrap this !!! 😂🤣

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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by pawprints »

Omg that is the cutest thing ever!!

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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by Shutterbug »

How hilarious! You better hope she is is not messaging all the cute boys! Thanks for making me smile. I needed it!😂😃🐾
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by Florac74 »

Too cute!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by Craftyshannon »

This is adorable!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by 1scrappymom »

That is AMAZING!!!!!! I must get one for our girls!!
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Re: My socialite! Miss Ginger

Post by emmapaige »

That is so cute - love her having Zoom meetings. 
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