I broke my hand!

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I broke my hand!

Post by Karyn_Sue »

My story and I’m sticking to it!

Was walking down a sidewalk, wearing good walking shoes, and tripped over an uneven block. Landed on my right hand. Skinned my knee, had road rash on my face, but the real damage was a broken bone near the wrist. Luckily it was a stable, not displaced hairline fracture and they didn’t cast it! But I’ve been in a splint since then that’s really hampered my ability to craft and even type. I’m SO right handed!!!!! Here’s my displeasure with the huge splint:


I’m now in a softer splint with buddy taped fingers and doing physical therapy. It’s easier to type, but still a challenge.

So all of this is to say I’ve been rather quiet on the forum and haven’t been living on the gallery as much as I like. I still need to leave love for the posters to my September challenge.
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by oceanbreezes423 »

OMG, I am so sorry to hear this! I hope you heal real fast, as I too can not imagine not having my right hand, literally for everything!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by jcsmaestra »

So sorry about this. I hope you heal quickly. Meanwhile, be patient and kind to yourself.
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by VickiR »

Oh bummer, for sure!  Especially since you're right handed.  Hugs for any discomfort and quick healing too! 
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by DN in MN »

Oh NO!  Thoughts and prayers on a quick recovery!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by beachlover »

oh no!!!!  Feel better soon!  I have literally stumbled over my own two feet and fallen so do not feel bad.  It happens to the best of us!  (((HUGS)))
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by scrappinmom99 »

Oh no! I hope the recovery time goes quickly! I did that years ago - I know what a hassle it is to not be able to use your dominant hand! (((Hugs)))
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by CarrieG »

oh girl i can feel your pain!  i wore that same exact brace for 11 weekslast year when i tore the sagital band in my right middle finger...it was just an annoying brace and DH called me lobster hand..LOL

hope it heals quickly and you can get back to crafting!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by MTCanuk »

Hope your bones heal quickly and you can get back to crafting. Those uneven sidewalks are a menace. I have tripped over a few myself when out walking.

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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by Craftyshannon »

Oh no!  Wishing you a speedy recovery. 
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by Scrapqueen141 »

Oh no, how awful! Praying for a quick recovery!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by karen c. »

Oh so sorry to hear that! I hope you heal quickly and can get back to crafting and other things soon.
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by emmapaige »

Oh no……so sorry to hear this. I have an EXTREME fear of falling. I hope you heal quickly.
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by Jolly Holly Scraps »

I'm a little accident prone myself, so I can relate. Wishing you quick healing!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by shoorn »

Oh no!! Sounds like something I would do - oh wait I did do that. I tripped over a hose in the driveway and landed on my left arm and broke the wrist. Little worse than you as I was in a cast for a while! Thankfully I am right handed but I can emphasize! 

Hope it heals quickly!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by JAire »

Oh, how awful! Sure hope you take care and heal quickly!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by Deanna13 »

Oh NO!!! So sorry to hear that. Hope it heals up quickly.

My grandson Marcus broke his wrist in 2 places playing football last week. Tackled a kid before making a touchdown and the other kid fell on him with his arm bent underneath.
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by Florac74 »

Oh no sorry you got hurt! Hoping you heal soon!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by blbabe1234 »

EEeekk! That is no bueno! So sorry this happened to you and to your dominant hand to boot! Take care of yourself and hope you heal fast!
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Re: I broke my hand!

Post by Shutterbug »

Very Sorry. It is very difficult to be without being able to use your hand let alone it being your dominant hand. Glad your doing PT. Sending hugs and prayers of healing.
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