WYR 12-6

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WYR 12-6

Post by Flasher »

Hello, Cherries!  Welcome to the Christmas Edition of "Would You Rather"!

Would you rather watch "Elf" or "It's A Wonderful Life"?

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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by scrappinmom99 »

That's a tough one! I love both of them! I think if watching with the family I'd pick Elf but if I'm watching by myself I'd pick It's A Wonderful Life. I can pretty much quote along with the entire movie at this point of my life LOL!
Happy Scrapping!
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Cherry Garcia
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by traveler »

I've never seen elf, and I've never been able to sit through all of its a wonderful life (I know, I'm weird) so I would choose elf. 

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DN in MN
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by DN in MN »

Elf :) 
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by suewho372 »

Ooooo!!! That is a hard one!!! Lol!
Can we just watch both!!!???
If I am nostalgic I want to see it’s a wonderful life - if I want to laugh it’s Elf!
They both have a place in our Christmas movie repertoire !!!

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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by blbabe1234 »

It's a Wonderful Life
Brandy Williams

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Amy Jo
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by Amy Jo »

Elf! It's a new Christmas Classic for me. It's a Wonderful Life is timeless but I need to laugh!!
-Amy Jo 

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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by oceanbreezes423 »

I would say Elf.
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Jolly Holly Scraps
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by Jolly Holly Scraps »

Elf lol good memories and it's soo funny!
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by GinniG »

I LOVE It's a Wonderful Life!  Not sure I've seen Elf all the way through at once yet.  (Shame on me!)  I may have to do that soon!
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by Charleneanne »

It’s A Wonderful Life. Jimmy Stewart is my all time fav actor. And I really am not a fan of Elf.
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by emmapaige »

I need some laughter so I’ll say Elf. But I have DVD”s of both movies so I can watch both at any time.
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by aheatfan »

Love both but I watch "It's a Wonderful Life' at least three times each season, I just love the movie and the message so much. I have probably seen it at least 50 times and I still cry every single time at the end. Elf is always good for a great laugh though "Work, let's make work your new favorite", lol. 
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Re: WYR 12-6

Post by sdwhru »

Elf - so much fun!!
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