Hello from Texas

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Hello from Texas

Post by Florac74 »

Hi my name is Flora. My husband and I are newly empty nesters. I have three beautiful adult girls. I currently live in Houston Texas but have traveled around allot as a child. I'm an Army brat and Army wife. I absolutely love traveling and adventure.

Due to some health issues I am currently a stay at home dog mom. I used to digital scrapbook back in the day but with work and life stepped away. Now with allot of time on my hands. I have been really drawn into mix media art journaling. The hands on scrapbooking and journaling is really rewarding. I am glad I stumbled upon this amazing community!

I am enjoying the classes, techniques and all the beautiful inspiration in the gallery. I am very excited to receive my September cherry box!
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by CarrieG »

Hi from Texas also but wayyyyyyyy up in the south Panhandle!
glad you are here!
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by JAire »

Hi Flora, so happy you are here! 
ImageJoyce Ann
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by Mommytron (Sandy) »

Welcome Flora,  looking forward to seeing your work!  
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by Rachel Kent »

Welcome! You'll love this group of "cherries" we have here!  💗
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by oceanbreezes423 »

So glad you found us! I look forward to seeing your creations! There is a great bunch of ladies here! And very talented!!
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by scrapy1967 »

Hi Flora! You will love it here. I am along time cherry but I do step away from time to time to do my painting which is now my main hobby! Who new a 54 year old could learn new tricks lol! I am also a stay at home doggy mom due to an injury. 
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by joannie »

Hello and Welcome!! I know you will love it here! I have family in Texas! Dickerson, Dallas, and Rockport  If you have any questions please just shout it out!
- joannie

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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by emmapaige »

Hi Flora - so glad you have joined our very friendly group of Cherries. Welcome!
** Chris **

My blog: http://mommomandpoppop.blogspot.com/

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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by lissahope26 »

Hi Flora!  Love your layouts!  Can't wait to see what your create next.  Also, hi neighbor!  I'm from Louisiana. 
Melissa H.

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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by MTCanuk »

Hello, Flora! And welcome.  It’s a great place to hang out.

Visit my blog:http://mtcanuk.blogspot.com/

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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by beachlover »

Welcome Flora!!!  We have lots of chats, games and challenges here as well so I hope you join us!!
Ann ~ Life is always better at the beach!
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by DN in MN »

Welcome to the board :)  Look forward to getting to know you!
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by Flasher »

Hello, Flora!  Welcome to our little corner of the internet!  Glad you found us!
When I hear someone say "Life is hard.", I'm always tempted to ask "Compared to what?"

         ~ Sydney Harris


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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by DMarie »

Welcome Flora!  Love have new talent join the cherries here!  
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Natalie Dill
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by Natalie Dill »

Welcome, Flora! So glad to hear you're loving mixed media - I love it too!
Natalie 💖 🍒  Find more at Dillightfully Crafty
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by blbabe1234 »

Hola Flora! I'm a Texan too! Born and raised in Corpus Christi. I have family in the Houston area too. 

What kind of doggie(s) do you have? I have 3 sweet beautiful girls and a kitty. 

Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing what you create!
Brandy Williams

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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by suewho372 »

Hello and welcome!!!
Glad you found us! There is a ton of talent here, and lots of genuinely sweet people!
Lots of cherry fur babies too!

                                 Check out my blog:  http://suewho372.wordpress.com
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by Deanna13 »

Welcome! Glad to have you join us!! :)
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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by VickiR »

Hi Flora!  This is the greatest bunch of people ever at ACOT.  The store is great and so are all of the members here on the board.
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