I thought I was done.......

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I thought I was done.......

Post by m1218p »

I had given you the basics of making a page and I thought I was done. I received a request to do a tutorial on how to "string" something--a bead, a tag, whatever, on a ribbon or string. So, I'll work on that. I also had the opportunity to work on some photo editing/restoration and I thought I'd do a tutorial on that. I'll take requests if there's anything you'd like to see. So, stand by for more tutorials to come.
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Re: I thought I was done.......

Post by MamaK321 »

I hope you know how AWESOME you are Marci!! :D :D
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Re: I thought I was done.......

Post by Paminvegas »

Thanks so very much Marci, I've been dying to see how you put a string through something and make it look so real that it looks like the string is actually going through the something! Yay!
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Re: I thought I was done.......

Post by jnet »

You are awesome!
My request is that you teach us how to use frames - in other words, how to cut a photo to fit a frame, not resize the photo. Does that make sense?
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Re: I thought I was done.......

Post by AmyTeets »

With frames...I usually put my photo behind the frame I want to use then just "erase" whatever part of the photo that shows around the frame...
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