December Goals

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December Goals

Post by pawprints »

Well I did hardly any scrapping last month. My goal was 5 and I only did 2. And I did not get in my memory planner at all. Sigh. With the holidays this month and all that is going on with DH I don't expect to get to scrap much if at all. So I am going to set a goal of 2, and hope I can at least do that.

How did you all do? And what are all of your goals for December?


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Re: December Goals

Post by joannie »

I exceeded my goal by 4! I did 29 layouts in November! I've been scrapping pics from 2 Senior girls and I need to be done by graduation in May! IT's GOOD incentive!! :greenlol:

26/25 layouts (5 not photographed)

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Re: December Goals

Post by oceanbreezes423 »

I had the best month I have had in a very long time. I set a goal of 5, as I really have not been scrapping much, and I did 26! I am going to say 15 for this month, as some days I just can not do anything. 

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Re: December Goals

Post by aheatfan »

Last month I set a goal of 25 and did 22, only because I wanted to get my trip album done while it was still fresh.  School has me crazy these days. I'm going to set a December goal of 30. I go on holiday break on the 18th so hopefully I'll have more time to scrap. 

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Re: December Goals

Post by beachlover »

I was nowhere near my goal of 25 LO's in November.  Breaking my wrist right in the middle of the month did not help.  But I had 5 more that I never uploaded.
I am headed to a 4 day beach crop next week so that should help me.  Therefore, until I reach the goal, I am sticking at 25!
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Re: December Goals

Post by emmapaige »

I reached my goal if 15 last month so I’m going to go with 15 again in December.


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Re: December Goals

Post by karen c. »

10 more Christmas cards to do. And I will go with 10 layouts. Good luck everyone.
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Re: December Goals

Post by MTCanuk »

Gosh, I actually completed 17 layouts.  December is super busy for me, so I will say 12 layouts.  If I get that many done I’ll be happy.

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Re: December Goals

Post by blbabe1234 »

My goal was 10 and I only did 2. With DH's medical appts this month filling up our calendar, I'll drop my goal to 2 this month.

0/2 layouts
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Re: December Goals

Post by ScrappyDistractions »

My goal is to get through December without more family drama (extremely depressed daughter after a breakup), medical emergencies (Dad went to hospital Black Friday after suffering mild stroke called TIA and two more whilst in hospital; he's fine now with no lasting impact), and other events (day before Thanksgiving my brother was passenger in car roll-over accident - he is amazingly fine). 

If I get a page or two done in between that would be icing onthe cake :-)

I am thankful for my family and despite appearances, I am truly grateful that things are as well as they are.  I am constantly reminded that things can be so much worse and am grateful for this community for keeping me grounded.
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Re: December Goals

Post by Monroe1218 »

I didn't make any goals for November.... I haven't done much scrapping the last few months.  I did take the whole last week of the month off, so I'm hoping to dedicate some time to scrap!!

My goal for this month is to take the daily pictures and write in a notebook for my December Daily so that beginning in January, I can hit the ground running with my December Daily.  My goal is to have it finished by March 31! 

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Re: December Goals

Post by Jolly Holly Scraps »

My goal last months was 10 and I did 26! 🤔 Setting my goals lower seems to help lol and yes it's been a super busy time! I'm going to set my goal for 10 again and see what I can do!


Update I checked my gallery and I did 21 LOs!
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Re: December Goals

Post by VickiR »

I set no goals and good thing I didn't.  Not much craft time for me this month.  I worked on a Christmas card order and managed a couple of the challenges.
5 cards and 2 LOs.

I'm not setting goals this month either.  Too much going on with events and family.  Saving all of my MOJO for the winter crops!
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Re: December Goals

Post by mgehrke »

I didn't set a goal last month, but I did do 42 pages. I knew I did a lot, but wasn't aware that I did that many. I would like to continue that pace and say 40. I'm off work the last 2 weeks of this month, so that is going to be very helpful.


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Re: December Goals

Post by DN in MN »

I did nothing but shop.. so I really need to get some scrapping done.  I will say 5 but am hoping for 10 as I will be off half of December :) 

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Re: December Goals

Post by GinniG »

I'm not setting any goals this month except for the projects I need to do for Christmas presents.  I didn't scrap ANYTHING in November except a few 6x8 pages for my BFF's mini album.  So I'm just going to finish her album, make three gift certificate cards, and 4 gift boxes that I ordered from Tonic specifically for the gifts.  It's a die set and the boxes are so pretty!  Plus I need to make 60 cards to mail.  If I can accomplish all that before Christmas Day I'll be happy as a clam!  Doesn't help that I'll be gone for 4 LONG days starting tomorrow and I'll be worn out when I get back so I'll probably just rest for the first day or two after I get back!  I'll be sure to share pictures as I complete things!  :)
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Re: December Goals

Post by mgehrke »

I'm so excited right now - I beat my goal by 4 pages!! This is a nice way to end 2021 for me.
Mildred - Mom to 2 girls and a husband (I tell people that I am a single mom of 3. Ages 57, 35 and 29) lol. And now a proud Grandma to Orahn (5) Sawyer (3) and Mazie (1).

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