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I'm Lovin'it! posted Jun 30, 2018
by pawprints

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For Joannie's June What's on TV Challenge - to pick from the TV jingles she listed to use as your title. I used the McDonald's jingle "I'm Lovin' it!" for this sweet pic of baby JJ eating.

Journaling: JJ has loved to eat since the very first time she was given solid food. You can not shovel food into this sweet baby fast enough! She is so easy to feed, except for the fact that if you pause at all between spoonfuls she will have a fit and start crying! I love feeding her as she is not picky at all and will eat, eat, eat whatever you feed her. In fact, if she sees someone else eating when she is not she will let us all know about it! This picture is actually a still from a video I took of me feeding her the morning after her first sleep over at our house. She is a very happy baby in the morning, and even happier when she is getting her meal!

Papers and elements from these kits: Spoon Me (Libby Pritchett), Fruity Orange (Kristin Aagard), Going Bananas (Amanda Yi), Picnic Groove (Lliella Designs), Berry Berry Blue (Chelle's Creations), Berry Berry Sweet (Chelle's Creations), Veggie Garden (Lindsay Jane), Fruitilicious (JennCk), Veggilicious (JennCk), Pasta Night (Kristin Aagard), and Everyday (SAS)

Raindrops Alpha (Digilicious Designs) - title (beveled and embossed in Photoshop)

Eyeliner AOE Bold - journaling and date

Products Used
This submission used products from ... Lindsay Jane Designs, JennCk Designs


7/1/18 2:08 pm
Very cute, cute, cute! I love your embellishing!

7/1/18 6:27 pm
OMG! So stinkin' adorable Barb! I LOVE your journaling and your title is SO PERFECT! I love the colors - they match sweet baby JJ's bib. And the cluster of food elements is awesome.

7/5/18 7:31 pm
Love the colors and softness of this layout. Especially the fruits & vegetable embellishments at the bottom.

8/5/18 5:29 am
What a great memory this will make! The embellishments of food at the bottom were spot on.