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High Atlas posted Oct 30, 2009
by Janedee

We didn't get that many great scenic photos on our trip but this was by far the best and worked really well for the panoramic challenge this month.

Word Art by Mary Ann Wise
Torn Edges and Distressed Korners & Edges 8 - Anna Aspnes

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This submission used products from Amy Teets Designs, Michelle Bradley Designs, Jeanelle Paige Designs, Julie Mead

In Circles Grab Bag
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Snow Sweet
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This is a great photo and I like the way you chose to show it off. Specifically: the background color is keyed to match the color of the rocks in the foreground and that works really well; repeating the soft blue in a narrow strip was smart too because it helps pull the composition together; small circles in torn paper (nice treatment) repeat soft colors in the photo, another smart choice; zigzag stitching repeats the accent color; word art on photo and repeated larger below with (brown accent color) caption is a great finishing touch and brings the eye back to the beautiful scenic photo.

Wow. That is beautiful! I love the word art too.

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