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Feb Journaling Chlg - Idiocy of Youth posted Feb 6, 2008
by koala1966

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I've written a lot of stuff - poetry, stories, etc - in my life. At some point after I got a computer, I started trying to get it all typed up. This is the earliest non-school poem I have typed up, from December 20, 1996 (I almost always dated my writing, nerd that I am). Since I wrote it about how we make so many mistakes just because we don't want to listen to our parents, etc., I chose to scrap it with pictures of members of my family during their rebellious years.

paper, ribbons - "It's My Life" pageset by Michelle Underwood
fonts - Greg's Hand (poem), Elephant (title), Kristen ITC (names)

Idiocy of Youth

You speak –
But I don’t listen,
For what could you know?
You’ve only been down this road before.
You’ve only felt what I’m feeling,
Seen what I’m seeing,
And know what I’ll know when I’m through.

After all –
Who needs experience
When you have inexperience?
Who needs the wisdom of old age
When you have the idiocy of youth?

Didn’t you know –
The young know it all.
We’re sorely mistreated and always unloved,
We’re hopeless and heartbroken,
The most unlucky generation by far.

So tell me nothing –
I won’t listen to you.
I know it all, have seen it all,
I’ve been everywhere in my few short years.
I’m the best, the smartest,
And you - you’re weakened by age,
Broken by circumstances out of your control.

I will never become like you
Because I am young.
What – what is that you said?
No, I will never be old.

Products Used
This submission used products from ... Michelle Underwood designs


2/6/08 9:38 pm
Great poem! That really is how you think when you're younger! hahaha! I also love the line of photos! Looks too neat!

2/7/08 11:15 am
Great poem - love that you matched it with the school photos!

2/7/08 11:24 am
That poem is so true!! And you're not a nerd for dating them, I do that too! Oops, does that make me a nerd?? I really like how you included those rebellious teen pics!

2/7/08 12:43 pm
Great poem!! Loving all those photos...awesome LO!

2/9/08 11:34 pm
very cool lo - i love the pics!

2/15/08 11:07 am
Amazing. Great poem and love that you put the photos of your family.

2/17/08 2:49 pm
I think this is a very cool layout, and you are NOT a nerd for dating your verbal creations. I think it's important; marks the point in time when you wrote the piece, and you can correlate it later to photos, just like now. I say "kudos!"