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Gallery Home > Plaid > WorldWin > April Ad Inspiration Challenge

Inspiration: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions : to draw forth or bring out : an inspiring agent or influence

Ad inspiration is like a step up from sketches. There is a basic sketch that you can pull out and use on your own layout but there are also a few other pieces to take inspiration from such as colors, patterns, title or keywords, theme, font styles, and element placement. You can copy a design straight from the ad or you can alter a design to fit your own layout. Most ads are 8.5x11" but you can adapt the design to fit any size. Remember, this is not a sketch and you are not required to follow every detail. The key is to really LOOK at the ad and find the pieces that INSPIRE you!

-- I am eager to see how creatively you incorporate a photo into this design since the ad does not have one itself.

Community Challenge  Created by MamaK321    Full Info


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