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Whose Party? posted Aug 14, 2008
by lizziej

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Photoshop Elements 4.0
Everything is by Tracy Ann Digital Art (fka Tracy Ann Designs):
Background: Something Fresh
Frames: File Frames, Spring Serenade Harmonise
Title: Phalphabet, Striped Alpha, MA Quaddie font, Alphacards, and Arial font
Ribbon: Something Fresh
Swirls: Poppin Swirls
Arrows: This Way Arrows, the striped one I made from the Striped Alpha
Fonts: LD Telegram, DejaVu Sans
Journaling says: A year after your 2nd birthday, Daddy showed me the photograph on the left and asked me if I noticed anything different about it. It took me a while and then
I noticed that a little boy was in front of me. I thought to myself, “Who is that little boy? I don’t remember there being another little boy at the party.” So I asked Daddy, “Who’s that little boy?” He said, “It’s me - on my 2nd birthday!” Wow! He had extracted himself from a photograph of his 2nd birthday and put himself in your party photograph, Roger. Then he extracted you from your birthday photograph and put you in his
photograph. It’s like you were at each other’s 2nd birthday celebrations! How wonderful it is to have photographs of both of you on your 2nd birthdays!

Products Used
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8/14/08 9:54 pm
So fun! Love the doodles and the great mix of fonts!

8/14/08 10:11 pm
I just love this layout. So colorful and what a great job Roger's daddy did with the pics!! How original!! Girl, those arrows are a nice touch!!

8/14/08 10:35 pm
fun color scheme!

8/15/08 3:58 am
So cute!

8/17/08 1:50 am
great mix of colors and letters and patterns!

8/17/08 10:10 am
Fun page