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Challenge 9: First 30 Years posted Apr 2, 2006
by tsavoy0pc

I really like how this turned out. I normally do not scrap myself, but making the monogram for the fast scrap really inspired me to use it for myself. Thanks!!

Journal reads:
Do you ever wonder about your future? Do you ever think about your past? I have always wondered and dreamed of the future, even if just for fun. I don’t, however, really stop and think about the past. I mean, I think of the past in relation to my children, but not really anything farther than when they were born. Turning 30 this year, I decided to go back to the past and think of times in my life that were happy, times that were sad, and times when life just, well, life. I am very blessed to have had a happy childhood and my teen years weren’t so bad. I wasn’t popular, but I knew everyone in school and they all knew me. I was successful in sports and always made good grades. I graduated in the Top 10 of my class and held an A average in college while studying Radiologic Technology. I’ve always had a good paying job and opportunities to learn beyond general radiography. Although I am remarried, I was blessed with my beautiful son from my first marriage. I never thought I’d find love again but I did and I married the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for. I was blessed a second time with a bouncing baby girl and she’s adored by her brother. I have traveled to places I never thought possible and even ran from a few hurricanes. I have to say my life hasn’t been so bad. I definitely know I am more fortunate than some people, and I try to remember that when I start to complain or feel like the world is against me. Could I have felt like this about my life in my early 20s?? Probably not. But, my outlook on the future is a positive one and I just pray my next 30 years are just as sweet.

PP: Leaving PRints
CS: Bazzill
rubons (first): MAMBI
plain chipboard T and 30: Heidi Swapp
Black chipboard: Heidi Swapp
Flowers: white-Heidi Swapp purple-Leaving Prints
Purple paint: making Memories, grapevine
Font: Fabulous 50s

Monogram T made with Heidi Swapp plain chipboard, grapevine paint/brad from Making Memories and flowers from Leaving Prints.


Products Used
This submission used products from Making Memories, ?, Bazzill, Other, Heidi Swapp

hey woman! Love the layout....pray tell why did I not know it was your birthday? I love the layout and the new haircut!!! Miss ya girl!

Great layout, I love that you mounted the nubmers on flowers.

Inspirational! I'm in the same situation - 30 in 1 month...

This is amazing! I love everything about it! Awesome job!

Love this layout. Your journaling is awesome...and has me thinking to the time before my kids, now, too!

WOW your journaling is inspiring you have done an outstanding job on this challenge GREAT JOB!!

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