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1/4 Inch Cherry Tape - ACOT Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1/4 Inch Cherry Tape - ACOT Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1/4 Inch Cherry Tape - ACOT Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1/4 Inch Cherry Tape - ACOT Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1/4 Inch Cherry Tape - ACOT Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1/4 Inch Cherry Tape - ACOT Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

1/4 Inch Cherry Tape Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

ACOT - Cherry Tape
item #: 475-43790

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Size: 1/4"
Cherry Tape is our new premium, double-sided adhesive tape. It's super sticky, heat resistant, easy to tear by hand, and acid-free, so it's perfect for all of your crafty projects! Every roll comes with 60 yards of paper-backed tape, which is more than double the tape provided by other similar products. Use it with embossing powder, foil, beads, glitter, ribbon, or whatever you want! It's great for scrapbook pages and cards. Made in the USA.

Included is one 1/4" by 60 yards (180 ft) roll of tape.

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Review by donnadj, Verified Purchase on 2021-09-25 

I just finished my first roll of 1/4" cherry tape and highly recommend it. It worked so well on my mini albums.

Review by Mommytron (Sandy), Verified Purchase on 2021-09-06 

A lot less expensive than the double sided tape by Scotch. Be careful, one it’s down it sticks really good. Not repositionable tape.

Review by kvannede, Verified Purchase on 2021-09-02 

Must have. Great adhesive for scrapbooking and card making.

Review by Ann Marie G., Verified Purchase on 2021-08-27 

Great tape - used on mini albums. Worked great at adhering papers.

Review by Kelley Ann McGinnis ., Verified Purchase on 2021-08-21 

Have heard a few good reviews on the tape, can't wait to try it and thank you for the quick ship.

Review by Kaelen Fragiao ., Verified Purchase on 2021-08-06 

Perfect size

Review by Sue Y., Verified Purchase on 2021-07-08 

Love this tape and you get a ton!

Review by Yankeegirl, Verified Purchase on 2021-07-04 

This tape is AWESOME! Great stick, tears easily, and I like that it comes in different widths. Good price point.

Review by MaryJo, Verified Purchase on 2021-07-02 

Thank you for the freebie, works great

Review by coffeefueled, Verified Purchase on 2021-06-14 

easy to tear and sticks great!

Review by BCrafty, Verified Purchase on 2021-05-31 

This tape sticks well and is easy to use.

Review by Lisa Houpt ., Verified Purchase on 2021-05-22 

Very nice!

Review by LuAnn M., Verified Purchase on 2021-05-01 

Great useful gift.

Review by druffing, Verified Purchase on 2021-04-28 

thanks for this tape. its really great!

Review by Jan G. , Verified Purchase on 2021-04-22 

Wow, this is excellent tape!

Review by Tanya C., Verified Purchase on 2021-04-17 

A must have adhesive.

Review by Lauren Mullarkey, Verified Purchase on 2021-04-16 

Love this tape!

Review by sydney1, Verified Purchase on 2021-04-13 

really nice tape

Review by Natasha Polite ., Verified Purchase on 2021-04-05 

I love this adhesive.

Review by Mrs. Papercrafts, Verified Purchase on 2021-04-01 

Great amount

Review by Raine, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-31 

great quality, the release paper comes off easy

Review by ariestrash, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-31 

I'm really excited to try this tape out!

Review by AnniePee, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-30 

5 stars for being FREE! Thanks, ACOT!

Review by Lorena Szymanski ., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-28 

Love this tape.

Review by Deanna McAllister ., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-27 

Holds well

Review by Dana C., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-25 

Decedent tap. Thank you!

Review by shoorn, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-18 

Strong bond to paper. I use it for cards and making pockets on pages to hold memorabilia.

Review by StacyLee, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-18 

This is an awesome product, tears easy and holds strong, highly recommend!

Review by Julie Miller ., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-17 

Great adhesive!

Review by Mary F., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-16 

Great quality -- using on card project and mini/photo albums.

Review by Megan E H., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-13 

Seems good. Easy to peel double-sided backing on a couple tests. Looking forward to using it more.

Review by Marla T., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-13 

works great

Review by aheatfan, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-12 

This is awesome stuff. You want something to stick...this works !!

Review by unionmom, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-11 

THANK YOU ACOT for this free tape- love it!

Review by JAire, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-08 

There are times I really like to use a tape and this one works beautifully. I like that I have the option to tear but I rarely do. I mostly use it for the big straight sections and long thin strips and ribbons. I seems like it will hold over time, too. The edges lift up very well for me, especially when I press those very ends.

Review by VickiR, Verified Purchase on 2021-03-03 

Love, love, love this Cherry Tape! It tears easily and adheres well. I use a lot of 1/4" and 1/2", so I will definitely be ordering more in the future!!

Review by Holly H., Verified Purchase on 2021-03-02 

Great value, easy to tear by hand, VERY sticky, not repositionable

Review by CNMommy, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-27 

sticks well

Review by Sher08, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-25 

Very sticky, will be getting more!

Review by Denise M De Forest ., Verified Purchase on 2021-02-25 

Easy to work with and very strong.

Review by scottygirl, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-19 

Thanks ACOT. Nice tape.

Review by SCRAPBOOKINGVLCS, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-19 

sticks great

Review by abartlett321, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-15 

What an awesome tape...great size!

Review by Janice C., Verified Purchase on 2021-02-13 

Really like this tape. It's very handy and easy to use.

Review by QueenBee89, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-12 

Love this stuff!

Review by BetBoo, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-11 

Many thanks for the free roll of tape! I've been a big fan of Scar-Tape and look forward to trying the ACOT brand.

Update: Cherry Tape is now my #1 favorite! I'm tired of the cardboard core on the Scor-Tape separating from the tape itself, causing all sorts of problems...such a mess! So far, it's smooth sailing with the Cherry Tape...YAYZ!

Review by merroz, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-07 

thanks for the freebie

Review by Vicki T., Verified Purchase on 2021-02-04 

I haven't used any of this yet, but thanks for including it as a free item.

Review by MommyOf_4, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-04 

Great adhesive. Super strong stick!

Review by aewh44, Verified Purchase on 2021-02-03 

I look forward to trying this new tape

Review by KimbelReisinger, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-31 

Thank for this gift , it work so well did nit have to reach for the scissors tare off easily.

Review by condo, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-31 

So glad to have this in my toolbox. Love it. Easy to use. Thank you for the bonus!!!

Review by Cynthia E., Verified Purchase on 2021-01-26 

A great adhesive

Review by JenNcain, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-26 

Don't miss out great deal

Review by emmapaige, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-25 

This is so great that I just ordered the 1/8 inch tape as well.

Review by Jeanne S., Verified Purchase on 2021-01-25 

Stays on well!!!

Review by linda m., Verified Purchase on 2021-01-22 

Thank you - what a nice roll of tape.

Review by Helen W., Verified Purchase on 2021-01-22 

Very useful, thank you.

Review by Scout Mom, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-21 

I iused this on a number of larger scale scrapbook pages; saves time!

Review by CarrieG, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-21 

i havent used it yet but my initial review is how i was suprised at how large of a roll it is! im excited to try this!

Review by HOOT N HOLLER, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-20 

great nice bonus gift with my order

Review by tms58, Verified Purchase on 2021-01-16 

Thank you ACOT. Nice tape.

Review by clintb on 2021-01-15 

This stuff is GREAT! I love that you can hand tear it and don't need scissors! A++


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Size: 1/4" x 60 yards
UPC: 742657437906