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Xyron 2x2 Adhesive Eraser

Xyron 2x2 Adhesive Eraser

Xyron - Adhesive
item #: 92-23675

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Rub over adhesive to remove. When it loses the ability to remove adhesive, trim to expose a fresh edge. Acid-free, non-toxic.

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Review by CristinaC, Verified Purchase on 2022-08-06 

Very handy to get rid of glue pen residue on my cards

Review by Laura S., Verified Purchase on 2022-06-24 

Very useful for crafting and planning.

Review by octlove, Verified Purchase on 2021-09-22 

so easy to remove excess adhesive!

Review by Jenny Ashley-Beam ., Verified Purchase on 2021-06-01 

Works really well to get the adhesive off my mat

Review by Jacquelyn Q., Verified Purchase on 2020-01-01 

Easy to use and helpful

Review by muscovitemouse, Verified Purchase on 2017-02-04 

Great at removing all that tape residue.

Review by Monica L., Verified Purchase on 2016-01-08 

Very handy for removing product packaging adhesive from metal dies.

Review by momtojr13, Verified Purchase on 2015-06-08 

Yes, they work great.

Review by PBoesch, Verified Purchase on 2014-10-02 

It works ALMOST perfectly. You really have to scrub some of the glue to get it off.

Review by DanaDesmond, Verified Purchase on 2014-09-22 

This works perfectly. No more rubbing and rubbing with your finger to try and get the adhesive off.

Review by Ethera, Verified Purchase on 2014-05-24 

Good one, got 2

Review by tailsworth, Verified Purchase on 2013-12-26 

This thing is amazing.

Review by Wendy S., Verified Purchase on 2013-09-10 


Review by MisasMom, Verified Purchase on 2013-07-13 

Love this, don't know how I lived without it for so long!

Review by Erin C., Verified Purchase on 2013-05-16 

I have been looking for something to remove the sticky residue off my paper from mistakes or when I change my mind on something that I have already stuck down.

Review by gotscrapz, Verified Purchase on 2013-05-02 

works pretty good

Review by stashful, Verified Purchase on 2013-03-29 

Works well for those small amounts of adhesive remaining after using the X or Creatopia

Review by Tina K., Verified Purchase on 2013-02-22 

Fantastic. I've used on the Xyron adhesive and it works wonders on Scotch ATG adhesive. Quickly and cleanly. When I put an ATG line on the wrong side of paper I bring this eraser out and within a few minutes the line curls up into a little ball. If an edge gets dirty you just trim it with scissors. I have not used it on white glue or glue sticks. But with Xyron and atg's it's magical

Review by Heyfer, Verified Purchase on 2012-07-02 

I've been searching for one of these for a long time, and I'm enjoying it. It's so user friendly

Review by Alissa103 on 2012-02-05 

Love this thing! Thought I accidently threw mine away and I panicked. I couldn't remember where I'd gotten mine or what it was called. Tip: tap it over the adhesive you want to remove, don't wipe/swipe or scrub. Doesn't work on photos. Awesome on paper!

Review by Retiree3 on 2011-11-18 

I do not care for this product at all. It smears and messes your work more than before,

Review by AmyTeets on 2010-08-02 

Very effective.


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Size: 2"x2"
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