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Trim & Score Board - We R Memory Keepers
Trim & Score Board - We R Memory Keepers

Trim & Score Board

We R Memory Keepers - Tools
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Trim and score projects with the convenience of one tool. Cut precisely using titanium blades on the easy-to-use 12x12” fold out surface, or create score lines for any crafting project. With measurements in both inches and centimeters, it’s perfect for creating boxes, cards, and envelopes.

Replacement Blades For The Trim & Score Board

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Review by berlyberly, Verified Purchase on 2016-12-04 

Best cutting system around now. Love this so much. A friend let me borrow hers at a crop and I immediately bought mine.

Review by Jennifer C., Verified Purchase on 2015-06-05 

I am so excited about the trim an score board. I can't wait to use it for cards and projects

Review by Rhondda L. on 2014-03-24 

I bought this to eradicate the need for two separate tools but that's the only good thing about it!
There are no supports underneath the blade runner or the middle of the board so when you try to make a cut, the board dips down and the cut ends up curved. When you try to score in the middle of the board, it dips down and you don't get a straight line.
The top edge you use to align your paper/card isn't reliable, the material moves around so you don't know if it's level or not.
The magnet that holds the blade runner in place is so strong that it takes quite a bit of force to lift up, the bit you're supposed to use to lift it is very weak and I wouldn't trust it to last long before snapping, plus it doesn't hold the paper in place well.
The blade snags the paper/card and seems to only cut from top to bottom, not both ways which is useless.
All in all, I wouldn't even give it one star, I'm in the process of returning mine as it's not fit for purpose, brilliant idea but poorly put together.

Review by Ethera, Verified Purchase on 2014-01-29 

It doesn't cut stright, i have to pull it and push on left side to have a good line. Really expected more, not sure, maybe mine is broken, but i don't like it at all(((

Review by , Verified Purchase on 2013-12-27 

I'm still undecided about whether I like this product. I have been using it exclusively since I received it, but still struggle with it in actual use. First the pros:
I love having one tool to cut and score. I don't have to always swap between my cutter and my scoreboard every time I need to score. I love that it folds up and doesn't take up as much space as my regular scoreboard, it makes it more portable. I don't have to fold it out working with smaller pieces of card stock which is nice. I like the scoring tool storage, it is convenient I think they did a pretty good job at combining the two items.
Now the cons: I hate the magnets at each end of the cutting bar--I know they are supposed to help keep the paper in place and help with straight cuts, but It makes it harder to quickly move my paper around or in and out of the cutter. I also find the cutting bar flexes when I try to pull it up because the magnets are pretty strong. I worry that I will snap the cutting bar when I am trying to hurry and pull up in the wrong spot. I also hate having to flip out the guide every time I take out the cutter. It doesn't seem sturdy enough to just store the guide folded to the outside--I worry it will break off. Next, the top ridge to align the paper has a slight angle, and I find it harder to keep my paper up against it than with my other cutters. In addition, I am right-handed so I find it harder to keep my paper squared with the blue scoring guide because it is on the right instead of on the left. I have to be much more careful that my paper doesn't slip, or is aligned correctly when I am scoring than I do with my other score boards. I normally hold my paper with my left hand against the guides of my other scoreboard while scoring with the right hand. With this board it is much more difficult to keep the paper stable with my left hand because the guide is on the alignment is on the top and right instead of the top and left sides.
Would I buy it again, I don't know yet. I still like not having to use two different tools; and, maybe with time, I will get used to the quirks of using it, or figure out a way to work around the issues I am having. It is so much faster right now for me to use my other cutter and score board, that If I don't figure out how to solve the issues, I will definitely be relegating this to the good in theory, but not in practical use pile of stuff.


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Trim & Score Board By We R Memory Keepers


Size: 12x12” fold out surface
UPC: 633356713371