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Envelope Punch Board - We R Memory Keepers

Envelope Punch Board

We R Memory Keepers - Punch Boards
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Make Over 60 Different Sized Envelopes!
Now it's even easier to create custom envelopes in over 60 different sizes with any paper you choose. The Envelope Punch Board is the easiest way to create envelopes. It helps you create envelopes without having to trim your paper multiple times and the handy score guide eliminates the need for repeated measuring.

Simply select your envelope size, trim your paper once, and then follow the grid printed on the board to punch, score, rotate, and fold. The Envelope Punch Board includes a bone folder (stored conveniently on the Punch Board), measurement ch


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Review by Kimberly Cochran ., Verified Purchase on 2020-12-14 

Purchase and re-purchase...a few times. I've bought at least 5 of these for friends. This is an essential tool in my craft room and I think everyone should own one!

Review by BeeCreative, Verified Purchase on 2016-12-27 

works for any size envelope & easy to use

Review by difeldi, Verified Purchase on 2016-01-23 

Punch board is super helpful in making and expedites envelopes for my cards. Great purchase, Highly recommend.

Review by Cynthia J, Verified Purchase on 2016-01-21 

So easy to use and fun for lots of projects.

Review by Jill H., Verified Purchase on 2015-12-26 

Very useful and easy to use. Put off buying this for a long time because I didn't think it was a necessary item. It is worth it to have this tool around.

Review by Nandita G., Verified Purchase on 2015-12-24 

The envelopes don't come out perfect without some troubleshooting

Review by Sheri L., Verified Purchase on 2015-09-26 

Can't wait to make my own envelopes.

Review by Amethyst4292, Verified Purchase on 2015-09-04 

I love this envelope punch board especially since it is WRMK!

Review by tms58, Verified Purchase on 2015-05-11 

Love making my own envelopes with this. As many have said, the measurements seem to be off a little bit, but it has not been a big deal. Very cool tool to have.

Review by Lorene YT, Verified Purchase on 2015-04-15 

Being left handed, I find it quite difficult to use. I'm not comfortable scoring with my right hand so I turn the board upside down to use.

Review by Anne B., Verified Purchase on 2015-03-18 

I love this product, I used to hand make my envelopes, this has made the process so much simpler!

Review by cyanta01, Verified Purchase on 2015-02-18 

absolutely love this product

Review by jagmom, Verified Purchase on 2015-01-01 

I love this thing, I can easily make a quick envelope when I need one.

Review by paulaflood3, Verified Purchase on 2014-11-27 

I love this product, after you find out it can make ribbon/bows, boxes, envelopes that are thick enough to store multiple card/envelope sets, little candy containers for valentines or halloween and etc, etc you love it even more.

Review by Christi S., Verified Purchase on 2014-10-31 

This is a very versatile product. I am using it a lot.

Review by PookieMichelle, Verified Purchase on 2014-08-30 

This EPB is so versatile! Love it!

Review by katyscrap, Verified Purchase on 2014-07-25 

This is just what I needed for my cardmaking! I love that WRMK thought it all out for us.

Review by Raine, Verified Purchase on 2014-07-23 

love this, makes lots of different size envelopes, very easy to use

Review by Margaret D., Verified Purchase on 2014-06-21 

I use this all the time

Review by Jeanette V. on 2014-04-28 

Love making envelopes in so many sizes

Review by Ann M., Verified Purchase on 2014-04-17 

I love using these to make matching envelopes for my cards! So easy!

Review by Tessie C., Verified Purchase on 2014-04-17 

This is the best tool to create envelopes. So happy that I made this purchase.

Review by tinkgumby, Verified Purchase on 2014-04-15 

This little board is genius! Works just like it should, and adds a fun touch to happy mail. Just beware of being too enthusiastic on folding the sides, or they may come apart, especially on thicker paper.

Review by Karen S. on 2014-03-28 

I love this board. Didn't have any idea all the things you could make with it. It is wonderful!

Review by CutieQCards, Verified Purchase on 2014-03-18 

I thought I would really use this product after watching various videos using it. I have hardly used it since I really only make cards in one size. The actual board works well. It's easy to use and the envelopes look great when I do use it.

Review by Albina O., Verified Purchase on 2014-03-02 

Make beautiful envelops and boxes too.

Review by merroz, Verified Purchase on 2014-02-21 

haven't used yet, but excited to try it out

Review by Sue F., Verified Purchase on 2014-02-08 

Love that it punches a rounded point. Wish the base was larger.

Review by mattymum, Verified Purchase on 2014-01-14 

Whoo hoo, I love this whole series of punch boards - oh the fun there is to have with these beauties!

Review by Stephanie Stickles, Verified Purchase on 2014-01-06 

Love this thing! Just bummed I didn't buy it earlier!

Review by karen h. on 2013-12-16 

This is wonderful - I love being able to make my own envelopes

Review by Kathie R., Verified Purchase on 2013-12-15 

I love my punch board, but left-handers a caveat. I'm left-handed and it's a bit awkward to score with your left hand if you use the board facing you. After I make my first punch, I rotate the board 90 degrees and score that way. I recently found a tip to use the board upside down for lefties, so I'll try that next time.

Review by kristin a., Verified Purchase on 2013-12-12 

Great product for making envelopes of any sized. Easy to use.

Review by 1grandma, Verified Purchase on 2013-12-01 

LOve the ease of use in this product!

Review by linda m., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-30 

Great little tool for making envelopes. Now you can have matching envelopes for any sized card or tag or whatever. Nice.

Review by ratgirl, Verified Purchase on 2013-11-25 

Neat for envelopes of all sizes, plus I've seen cool tutorials on how you can use it to make boxes, file folders, etc. :) It's great to be able to make cards in most any size without having to worry about whether or not I can find matching envelopes.

Review by nancy a., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-24 

Now I don't have to worry about envelope size anymore.

Review by meljustcole, Verified Purchase on 2013-11-21 

I don't know what I did before this tool! Well, yes I do! I just made standard A2 cards that fit a plain white envelope! This opens up a whole new world for my card making! Thank you WRMK!!!!

Review by Layla M., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-19 

Much smaller and compact than my old envelope/score board. Really easy to use once you get through the very slight learning curve. Watch the video, because it really helped clarify the directions. Beautiful results! I made a dozen 6x6 envelopes in just a few minutes and they were perfect!

Review by Eve W., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-17 

Very nice and compact- easier to handle than I thought. Just got it, and haven't figured it all out yet, but I really like it and expect I'll be using it all the time. Love the two-way punch, very useful in itself!

Review by Carrie Y., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-16 

Great product. Easy to use and follow directions.

Review by Terry S., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-15 

This is one of my favorite tools. There are so many things you can do with this product besides envelopes.

Review by Deborah C., Verified Purchase on 2013-11-06 

Perfect for making card envelopes as well as smaller decorative envies for layouts. No more tracing templates!

Review by drewcrew, Verified Purchase on 2013-11-05 

Totally Awesome !!!

Review by Mary P., Verified Purchase on 2013-10-28 

Great when you use it to make folders like Kathy Orta files

Review by unionmom, Verified Purchase on 2013-10-26 

Can't wait to open this up and USE it! Looks great for a $15 tool!

Review by Ruben G., Verified Purchase on 2013-10-20 

Excellent product. Good for envelope and boxes.

Review by KLSJUSTME, Verified Purchase on 2013-09-29 

A fun toy!!

Review by DEB H., Verified Purchase on 2013-09-25 

Love the board. makes great envelopes seamlessly.

Review by EliseBB, Verified Purchase on 2013-09-22 

I have found several practical uses for my new envelope punch board. I've not only made envelopes, but also tags, rounded off corners, and even used it to make file folders! A great purchase!

Review by Craftyshannon, Verified Purchase on 2013-09-22 

I use mine so often I bought one for my mom! It's great for those abnormal card sizes.

Review by Kim D., Verified Purchase on 2013-09-17 

I love the envelope punch board. What weight of paper should I buy from the supply store? I originally cut a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper down to the appropriate size to make a 6 x 6 envelope and it turned out great but, I would like to make some in neutral colors...

Review by hylaweb, Verified Purchase on 2013-09-12 

Love the punch board, find it very useful for envelopes of odd sizes.

Review by TiffanyO, Verified Purchase on 2013-09-11 

This is a great product. It is easy to use and I have made everything from matching envelopes for greeting cards to gift car holders and tiny envelopes for my scrapbook pages. You can do the same thing with a score board and a corner rounder in theory, but I don't. This has helped me use up my thinner paper stacks too!

Review by Kristi S., Verified Purchase on 2013-09-02 

So easy to use-love it!

Review by Marylandterps on 2013-09-01 

Really enjoying this product. It's great being able to make my own envelopes, any size.

Review by missyvonne67, Verified Purchase on 2013-08-19 

What a wonderful Idea! Very easy to use;I will never have to purchase another envelope again. I highly recommend this product.

Review by ReScu253, Verified Purchase on 2013-08-10 

So product is so easy to use and makes great envelopes. I highly recommend it.

Review by KathySongbird, Verified Purchase on 2013-07-31 

A wonderful product to easily and quickly make your own envelopes.

Review by missmermaid, Verified Purchase on 2013-07-31 

Now that WRMK fixed the incorrect measurements on the first production run of this product, this is a must-have item. Beautifully designed. Easy to use.

Review by Ashley B., Verified Purchase on 2013-07-23 

This is an amazing product and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it. A couple of the envelope sizes need to be changed slightly because the size increments cause some of the envelopes to be too large, but still worth the money.

Review by scrapstitcher, Verified Purchase on 2013-07-20 

I just received my envelope punch board today and absolutely love it so far. I've been playing around with it making all different sizes of envelopes from the very smallest gift card size to the largest one that's 6-1/4" x 9". I love how they tell you right on the board the size of the card (or whatever it is you're putting in there) that the envelope will hold. So the one that says 3x4, for example, will actually be big enough to hold a 3x4 photo, card, journaling spot or whatever. Sure, the board isn't large enough to do the scorelines that are called for on the two long sides of the largest card, but it was easy enough for me to just line it up on my Martha Stewart board and finish scoring the line. No big deal. I also love that this awesome tool has instructions on how to make 66 different sizes of envelopes! I am not even really a cardmaker either. I mean I've made some cards here and there, but I am more of a scrapbooker than anything. I got this envelope punch board to use the envelopes on my layouts, in my December Dailies and mini albums. And for the occasional card that I might make. Plus the fact that you can also make file folders with it is another extra bonus. This is a new cool scrappy tool that I know I'll get a lot of use out of.

Review by Judy C., Verified Purchase on 2013-07-19 

I just received mine - I believe the measurements are correct on this one - but when I made some of the envelope sizes, the right side of the envelopes were a bit off from the left side - has this happened to any body else. I believe I was careful when measuring/cutting/scoring.

Review by Christine S., Verified Purchase on 2013-07-17 

I love the idea of this and I agree that it is a very simple tool to use. However, I just got mine and I'm sure the measurements are off. No matter what size envelope I try to make, when I follow the sizes on the board it always come out slightly off. I've read other comments and know that the sizes were off but I thought the newer boards were corrected. I just got mine a few weeks ago. Maybe I missed something?

Review by stephc on 2013-07-15 

I love using the Envelope Punch Board. It makes envelopes really easy to make.

Review by ChristinaF, Verified Purchase on 2013-07-05 

I love how easy this envelope system is to use. I also love the inner punch (so you don't have to cut the corners yourself) as well as the outer punch that rounds the corners and gives the envelope a polished look. I am thoroughly enjoying having fun with this product. I highly recommend it! I never did figure out how to use the Martha Stewart version for envelopes. I just use hers as a scoring board only.

Review by Judith F M., Verified Purchase on 2013-07-01 

This gizmo is fabulous!! Having so much fun making envelopes from my scraps!

Review by faye19, Verified Purchase on 2013-06-25 

Only tried the 4x6 envelope and I love it...

Review by Cynthia M., Verified Purchase on 2013-06-18 

Just bought this last week. I have been a card maker for several years and this envelope punch board is a fabulous addition to my craft space! I LOVE IT! I can't wait to tell everyone I know (that has a use for envelopes, that is) how fantastic it is to use! I've been making envelopes for days...just need to get to making the cards now! Highly, highly recommend!

Review by ., Verified Purchase on 2013-06-15 

I ordered this on Wednesday and it was at my mailbox on Thursday! I tried it and it is easy to understand, use and helped me make a perfect envelope on the first try! I won't have to hunt for envelopes anymore!

Review by Sarahi Martinez ., Verified Purchase on 2013-06-10 

This is a great addition to my scraproom! I waited over 1 month for it to be shipped but it is well worth it. I could not stop playing with it all weekend.

Great for making customized envelopes to match my cards. Make the envelope, throw on a plain white label and they are good to go. Just like the expensive ones at the stationary stores for so much less.

Review by Charlotte P., Verified Purchase on 2013-06-06 

Love it!!!

Review by Janet I., Verified Purchase on 2013-06-05 

No longer do I have to be concerned about the size of my cards not having an envelope that fits!!!!

Review by dolltop, Verified Purchase on 2013-06-04 

Love this it is easy to use.

Review by BetBoo, Verified Purchase on 2013-06-03 

After hearing that the original board had measurement problems, I waited for the new & improved model. It arrived today--and WOW, I'm very impressed! But why in the world is the large-print sheet with the card and paper sizes and score line measurements done in centimeters?! The numbers, in inches, on the board itself are somewhat tiny for my aging eyes, and I was excited to see the larger numbers on the sheet--until I realized they aren't in inches. And I've already made a discovery: when using single-sided paper, it's helpful to turn it over to the white side when lining up the paper on the Score Guide line--must easier to see than a pattern. Great investment--YAY! (But I'd still love a large-print sheet with the measurements in inches.)

Review by squirreknitter, Verified Purchase on 2013-05-30 

This is very easy to use, but my only complaint is to make anything like a #10 envelope is not possible. I could not see the chart when I ordered and took a chance. A #10 is 4"x 8 5/8". The size that this makes is 5" x 8 3/4". The max height for mailing is 4 1/4" so this size would require extra postage.

Review by grandmalu on 2013-05-27 

Once again WeR has come out with a must have for all card makers. This is awesome. If you make your own cards it is a must have!

Review by mninam, Verified Purchase on 2013-05-18 

This envelope punch is a MUST have for card makers and Scrappers love it.

Review by sherelm, Verified Purchase on 2013-05-15 

OMG - love this!!!!

Review by Dianne S., Verified Purchase on 2013-05-12 

I waited many months for this. It is fine for the regular sized envelopes, but if you want to make envelopes bigger than for a 5x7 card, the board is a little too short. Why couldn't they have made it just a few inches longer?! Also, you align the left side of the envelope paper only once to the ruler.

Review by RNscrapper, Verified Purchase on 2013-03-26 

This is amazing. It makes cutting envelopes a breeze. I have other systems that require a lot more measuring or tearing and this one is far easier. The notch cutter also gives the envelope a more finished, elegant look.

Review by elizzy0707, Verified Purchase on 2013-03-11 

I was hesitant about ordering this as I had heard some of the measurements were wrong, but I'm so happy I did. Making your own envelopes has never been easier! I love that I can use a one-sided sheet of patterned paper and make "lined" envelopes that co-ordinate with my handmade cards. If it comes back in stock, order it immediately!!!

Review by NancyJB, Verified Purchase on 2013-02-27 

So far I'm please with it.

Review by ., Verified Purchase on 2013-02-25 

I love this board.. very easy to use..I heard that the measurements are not quite right and the company was issuing a new measurement tab to put on the board...True??I have noticed the sizes are a wee bit off.

Review by Shirley M., Verified Purchase on 2013-02-07 

It's the best $20 I ever spent on a papercraft project. I will never by another envelope again. So happy I got my order in before they were sold out.

Review by Sneezy1956, Verified Purchase on 2013-02-06 

this is the most amazing tool I have. I can't believe I've managed this long with out it. Envelopes are the easiest thing I've ever done with this handy's only about 8 inches long and 6 inches wide.


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