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How To Make A Multi Fold Mini Album 6 comments  
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Posted by carrie123

I love making mini albums. They are perfect when you have a lot of pictures from one event. They are also perfect when you don't have enough pictures to make a layout and they make the perfect gift! The mini album I am going to show you today can serve two can be a mini album and it can also be a mini album card. I actually made this album by attatching  two tri-fold cards together and adding a cover. Once you see how easy and fun these are you will be making them all the time. So let's get started....

First, you are going to start with a 12"x12" sheet of cardstock and you are going to cut into 2 - 6"x12" pieces:

You are then going to take each 6"x12" piece and score them on the 12" side at 2-4-8-10 inch marks

Cut 1 and a half inches in on the long side from the 2 inch mark to the 10 inch mark

The folding is the trickiest part, but once you get it figured out this is what you will end up with

You are now going to take more pieces of cardstock and cut 2 - 4"x6" pieces and 2 - 6"x6" pieces

Taking the 2 tri-fold pieces, match up together and attatch the 4"x6" cardstock to the front and back

Now take the 2 6"x6" pieces of cardstock and score them both at the 2 inch mark

Add these 2 pieces to the right and left sides. These will be your cover.

As you can see, I wanted to add a few more pictures so I took the first photo and added a folded strip so I could make a little flip up of photos. I did this on both sides where you first open the album...

To acheive this look...use a 1 inch strip and attatch halfway on the back of your photos and then attatch cardstock over the back of each photo

You are now ready to decorate your creative, and most importantly...have fun! This album was a little hard to photograph, but here is my finished product...

These photos are from the begining of the album to the end:

This is what the album looks like opened up and displayed:

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Posted by carrie123

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Reader Comments ...
10/16/11 10:47 am
Looks hard..but it is beautiful

10/15/11 6:13 am
omg...I totally ADORE this! Great job, Carrie!

pawprints . Long Island, NY
10/11/11 10:58 pm
That is absolutely awesome!!! Great tutorial too!

3/5/18 2:24 pm
Not only is the Genius..but its gorgeous.. Does that require lots of measuring??? thats where I would lose it... maybe one day I will try this... You make it look easy...

10/11/11 3:49 pm
I think that I will make one of these to try it and then several for Christmas presents.

blbabe1234 . Corpus Christi, TX
10/11/11 1:24 pm
Wow..very cool. Great tutorial.