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Profile of Gail R

About Me

I live in Wrangell, an island community in Southeast Alaska. I manage a senior housing complex and balance the tills for a local organization I am mom to 4 and grandma to 7. I like to scrapbook, read, do puzzles and belong to a couple of community service organizations.
Album size? 8 1/2 x 11
Color choices? like blues and greens; least favorite color is pink, but with 6 granddaughters, I can't get away with not using pink
Kids? 4 - 2 stepdaughters, one daughter and one son, and I have 5 granddaughters, one foster granddaughter and one foster grandson
Do you like cute stuff? some
Lumpy or not lumpy? lumpy, but not too lumpy
Favorite designers? don't have a favorite designer;
Do you stamp? no, but I do have some
Chalk? haven't tried it, but I do have some
Ribbon (unprinted/printed)? Yes
Eyelets? Have some, but haven't used them
Patches? never used
Metal clips? yes, have used
Wooden embellishments? haven't used any
Library pockets/cards? never tried
Buckles (metal/palstic)? no
Twist ties? no
Decorative brads? Yes; love brads
Fabric? no, never tried
Bottlecaps (plain/printed)? no
Rick Rack? used a couple of times
Canvas embellishments? no
Color washes? no
Walnut ink? no
Liquid chalk ink pads? no
Acrylic paints? no
Foam stamps? no, but I do have some
Regular stamps? no, I have some of those, too
Rub Ons? yes; love rub ons
What is your favorite type of item to make? don't have a favorite item
Do you use journal boxes on a regular basis? don't use actual journal boxes, but do like to put the name and date on my pages with a poem or quote
Do you use borders on a regular basis? no
Do you use titles on a regular basis? I like to print the titles, names and dates on my paper using different fonts from a computer card making program
Do you use embellished tags on a regular basis? no, but I love them
Do you use paper piecings on a regular basis? no
Do you use shakers on a regular basis? no
Do you use deco squares on a regular basis? no
Do you use serendipity squares on a regular basis? no
What is your greatest scrapbooking weakness? journaling
What is your favorite paper theme? just about any patterned paper
Other than time and money (which we all need more of), what is your greatest scrapbooking challenge? with no scrapbooking store in our community, having the right paper, embellishments, etc. for doing a layout when I have the perfect picture and have to use what I have on hand or order and wait.
My pages are usually pretty simple with not alot of embellishments; I love flowers - all kinds

Screenname:Gail R
Location:Wrangell, Alaska
Display Name:Gail R
Birthday:July 4

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