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About Me

I love scrapbooking. I have five children (3 grown daughters, a son who was killed when he was 7 and one 16 year old daughter at home) I also have five grandsons and another due September 17. Oh yeah and a DH of 37 years. I work as a reporter for a small weekly paper and started a new career as a truent officer in November. However, I spend most of my waking hours devoting myself to Em and her is her life so it has become my life.
I think I love scrapbooking because I love to shop! I am willing to try about anything once. I use 12 X 12 pages. Love colors.....bright, muted....all. I am always working on my daughter's dance book and one for Girl Scouts. We travel lots. I love most embellishments. Some of my pages are very lumpy. I love animals and have a dog. I love brads and Jolee's and Paper Bliss and anything scrapbooking!
I have started using metals and love them. Use charms, ribbon, chalk, have done a little embossing but want to do more.
I love brads and eyelets. I also love overlays!
My Scrapping Style lumpy
Album size? 12X12

Color choices? love most anything
but I do use a lot of pink
Kids? (see above)

What kind of layouts are you going to be working on in the future? dance, Nutcracker, Girl Scouting, heritage, 50 wedding anniversary, baby books, birthdays for both boys and girls, Train LO, camping, Cowboy Lo, zoo, Historic Homes, Haunted Homes, wedding, choir, and the list goes on. LOL

Do you have a sizzix? Yes and I love it.

Do you like cute stuff? Yes

Heritage? Yes

Do you use diecuts? yes

Lumpy or not lumpy? lumpy

Anything you won't use? Liquid stickers

Favorite designers? love them all but probably K and Company

Anything you are wanting to try? heat embossing

Do you stamp? yes but not as much as I should

Chalk? yes but also not as much as I should

Ribbon (unprinted/printed)? both

Patches? on occasion

Metal clips? yes

Wooden embellishments? yes

Library pockets/cards? not yet

Buckles (metal/palstic)? yes

Twist ties? haven't tried them yet

Decorative brads? LOVE THEM

Twill (unprinted/printed)? both

Fabric? some

Bottlecaps (plain/printed)? love the printed ones and the ones with pictures

Rick Rack? a little

Canvas embellishments? not yet

Color washes? not yet....afraid I may not be talented enough

Walnut ink? want to

Liquid chalk ink pads? not yet

Acrylic paints? yep

Foam stamps? yep

Regular stamps? yep

What is your favorite type of item to make? Lo's for my familys books

What is your least favorite type of item to make? gifts...I put so much work into them I hate to let them go

Do you use journal boxes on a regular basis? not as often as I should

Do you use borders on a regular basis? Yes

Do you use titles on a regular basis? (By titles I mean those that you make on a separate piece of paper and then adhere to the background. So, it doesn't include just adhering letters to the background.)Yes

Do you use embellished tags on a regular basis? (and by that I mean those that you embellish yourself.) yes

Do you use paper piecings on a regular basis? yes

Do you use shakers on a regular basis? I have used a few but I am not talented enough to make the really nice ones that some can.

Do you use deco squares on a regular basis? yes

Do you use serendipity squares on a regular basis? yes

What is your greatest scrapbooking weakness? Getting on the MB instead of scrapping/

What is your favorite paper theme (i.e., floral, stripes, plaid, fun themes, solids)? depends on what I am working on

Other than time and money (which we all need more of), what is your greatest scrapbooking challenge? keeping enough dance themed supplies

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