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I am in my late 30s but look a decade younger (I hope!). I attribute this to my size...kinda on the short side!!! I married my best friend, Bob, on May 6, 1995 and have two kids; Derek 16 and Emily 12. We have three cats (one of which I think dh is kinda scared of...but don't blame him) and a Jack Russell Terrier who I (lovingly) call our Jack-Pain-in-the-Butt. Exciting, huh? LOL As a family, we love to ride our bikes, go camping, fishing, and fave places to go to are the beach and river. We live in a very rural area surrounded by mountains and Redwoods.

12 by 12 is my preference, but thinking that for my digi scrapping 8X8 so that I can print out my layouts at home. The more room to work with, the merrier.

My color choices depend upon what I am working on. I try to avoid anything even remotely girly looking not only for my dh, but my ds also. With my dd, I like bright, bold colors. Me? I rarely scrap me, so when I do...the choice is endless.

Aside from working on albums for my kids and our family album, I am working on my BOM and also re-doing my wedding album.

Do you like cute stuff? Yes, depending on what it is and what it will be used for, but not too cutesie.

Heritage? Yes, it's where we all started!

Lumpy or not lumpy? both

Anything you won't use? Does the kitchen sink count? LOL There are so many elements out there to use, that I haven't had a chance yet to try them all.

Favorite designers? K & Company, Anna Griffin, Daisy D's, and Karen Foster. Tabatha Reed, Lena Brandenburg, Amy Tanabe, Amy Teets, Anita Stergiou, Kim Hill, If Frogs Had Wings...oh, my...can't name them all!

Eyelets and brads? I have enough of those. They seem to torment me in my sleep not to buy more.

Metal? Totally! A little Ozzy goes a long ways. ;)

Stickers? yes, although rub-ons are taking first place over them lately - even with my dd.

Wishes for: Hmmm...have to see my ever changing wish list for that!

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