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Profile of Henu_Nea

About Me

Hi, My name is Wunnea. I am mostly a SAHM of 4 girls with our first son on the way, Navy wife. Dh is a Corpsman(FMF). Originally from CT, currently stationed in the Northern Virginia. We have 2 dogs,a kitty and some fish. So it's a very full house!

I have been scrapbooking for about 6 years. I was more of a social scrapbooker. My best friend got me into it and I would scrap when she had get-togethers or parties. Until I moved to Missouri and found ACOT! Woo Hoo! The challenges really get me going here and I love doing them!

My birthday is March 7th

My anniversary is October 6th

Other interest beside scrapbooking: reading, chatting on the internet, music, cultural activities (i.e, powwows,dancing, etc.) & History & Politics

Album size? 12X12

Color choices? anything! I love all colors when it comes to scrapbooking. Each color can bring something unique to a page, especialy when paired with others

What kind of layouts are you going to be working on in the future? -kids (all girls & my little brother), new puppy, school pages,family pictures. I LOVE taking pictures so anything goes!

Do you have a sizzix? No

Do you like cute stuff? Sometimes

Heritage? Huh? As in what is my heritage? Well if that's the question then, I am American Indian (Hochunk & Schaghticoke).

Do you use diecuts? Yes! Especially now with my CRICUT!!!

Lumpy or not lumpy? I am definitely LUMPY! I mean come on I have 4 kids. Kids make you lumpy whether you like it or not.

Anything you won't use? Crack, Cocaine, Heroine, Meth, Chew, MJ, etc.

Favorite designers? no preference

Do you stamp? I have a few stamps. I would really like to expand

Chalk? no

Ribbon (unprinted/printed)? I love ribbon. I like it plain and printed.

Patches? no

Stickers? yes, love any stickers!!! I am the sticker QUEEN! I don't think I've done many LOs without stickers.

Metal clips? I have a few.

Wooden embellishments? yes

Library pockets/cards? Yes, I've done it once and I'm currently working a page with them. Hope it comes out cute!

Buckles (metal/plastic)? I haven't tried yet

Twist ties?no

Decorative brads? definitely

Twill (unprinted/printed) The only twill I have is printed. I like how it came out on the page.

Fabric? yes

Bottlecaps (plain/printed)? would like to try

Rick Rack? yes

Acrylic paints? going to try soon!

Foam stamps? yes

Regular stamps? yes

Do you use journal boxes on a regular basis? Yes

Do you use borders on a regular basis? Ynot really

Do you use titles on a regular basis? (By titles I mean those that you make on a separate piece of paper and then adhere to the background. So, it doesn't include just adhering letters to the background.) Yes

Do you use embellished tags on a regular basis? (and by that I mean those that you embellish yourself.)no

Do you use paper piecings on a regular basis? no

What is your favorite paper theme (i.e., floral, stripes, plaid, fun themes, solids)? any no preference in paper, it's whatever the picture calls for!

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